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Jane Dennis
BScHons Community Healthcare Nursing
Certified Reiki Practitioner : Levels 1 & 2


" Reiki provides the space and time for clients to take time out, re-connect with their inner self, their truth whilst gently healing and releasing the energy and experiences that no longer serve them. Reiki works with the whole person/animal, and the root cause of ill health."

Prior to training in Reiki I was a nurse in the NHS for over twenty years. I have always had an interest in natural health and wellbeing, and this is a passion that continues to grow. Reiki allows me to see and treat the whole person and not just a set of symptoms. My awareness of the importance of a holistic approach began not only through my previous experiences in nursing but also that gained as a mother. When my child was 12 years old we received a late diagnosis of Autism. Totally overwhelmed by a society and education system and environment not able to meet his needs, he shut down completely. My life path changed overnight, and I spent the next five years caring and advocating for his needs within the wider systems of society.
Seeing my son go through this trauma, coupled with my own personal experiences have really highlighted to me the power of 'holding space', and meeting clients exactly where they are at, with no expectation, pressure or judgement. Reiki provides the space and time for clients to take time out, re-connect with their inner self, their truth whilst gently healing and releasing the energy and experiences that no longer serve them. Reiki works with the whole person, and the root cause of ill health.

I also love to work with animals. When my son was having a bad day..., he would lie on the floor with our dog, and I would see his tension and anxiety melt away. In December 2018, I felt called to take on a foster dog that came to me traumatised and emotionally shut down. He was overwhelmed by the world, and just needed to be accepted, nurtured and loved in the moment. As he began to relax in the safety of our care..., behavioural difficulties began to come to the surface in the form of severe fear reactivity. Reiki has really helped in his healing journey and all my dogs love it.

I am passionate about bringing this gentle but powerfully effective therapy into mainstream healthcare. Reiki can be used on its own or as a complementary therapy to help manage pain, or chronic illness. It can be a wonderfully restorative treatment for the elderly to improve wellbeing and quality of life. It is my mission to make reiki therapy more accessible to those that need it most. To hold space for a client to relax and come home to themselves after a session is truly humbling. Reiki energy is beautiful for restoring a sense of wellness, balance and harmony.

Reiki therapy is wonderful for highly sensitive people and empaths who naturally take on and absorb the energies of others and whose energy systems quickly become blocked and overwhelmed. Many such clients can also have acquired the labels of Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, gender dysphoria, Borderline personality and similar. I also offer support in managing and protecting the energy field as a shield from sensory overwhelm.

I live and work in and around Plymouth, Ivybridge and the South Hams and offer a mobile service to make treatments more accessible. To make this natural therapy more accessible I currently offer 50% off for unpaid live in carers and their loved ones. I tailor treatments to work with the needs of my individual clients, and combine aromatherapy, and crystal therapy where appropriate or requested.

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Reiki for everyday: the natural connection to health and wellness. Re-connect with who you were born to be.

Everyday Reiki

Reiki is a natural, holistic energy treatment that heals on a physical, as well as an emotional and soul level. As well as being used to restore greater feelings of wellbeing, energy and quality of life, it is very effective treatment for managing pain, stress, fatigue, chronic illness, depression and anxiety. I have seen incredible results on clients with Dementia, and am passionate about spreading awareness of the wide ranging benefits of this beautiful energy in every day community healthcare. I wholeheartedly recommend reiki for managing conditions that significantly impact quality of life on a daily basis such as neurological and chronic autoimmune conditions, Depression and anxiety. Reiki can also substantially enhance wellbeing when used as a complementary therapy alongside routine medical treatment. As well as my regular clients, I visit vulnerable clients and their carers in their own home to facilitate access to this wonderful restorative natural energy treatment and experience greater health, vitality and quality of life. To acknowledge my support for family carers, I am currently offering 50% off for carers and their loved ones. If you are a full time unpaid carer, let me know when booking. This can either be a treatment for the family member you are caring for, or a session for yourself. Click title for services and prices


As well as my human family I have three lovely rescue dogs. I love working with animals. Reiki is a wonderful natural treatment that works really well as a complementary therapy for animals. Not only can it reduce pain and promote healing and relaxation, it can have excellent results in traumatised animals who suffer with anxiety or fear reactivity too. A session will always induce relaxation and healing in your pet at the time of the treatment. It may take several treatments for chronic conditions. Click title to see the services offered

Aroma - reiki

60min Aroma - Reiki - A sensory session combining aromatherapy and Reiki. This is a beautiful relaxing, healing aromatherapy foot spa session, combined with reiki. This is a wonderful session for those with anxiety, dementia, or housebound with chronic illness, and if booked for a loved one also offers you an hour of respite to catch up with you. In this session I combine the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy using natural essential oils with reiki, and also the healing qualities of water and reflexology through foot massage. Massaging the solar plexus reflex alleviates anxiety and stress, and this is amplified by the use of relaxing natural essential oils. Click title for prices and further info

Intuitive Soul Doula Reiki session - "Reconnect to who you were born to be"

As an empath myself, I love working with other Highly sensitive people, and/or those going through significant transition or change in their lives using a combination of reiki and soul coaching. As it works on both a physical and emotional level, Reiki is a wonderful holistic treatment for supporting clients through change, grief and/or emotional trauma. I also work with Transgender clients supporting their emotional and physical journey and helping them to re-connect with their authentic self. An intuitive reiki session allows extra time to hold space for clients who may want to work through more complex interpersonal and emotional issues relating to releasing and healing trauma, relationships, Grief processing, Empaths, Highly sensitive and/or Transgender clients. The session offers more time to talk through issues being experienced, as well as a reiki healing treatment, support with crystal grids and other resources. Click title for further info and prices

Distance reiki

30 min Distance Reiki healing session - £15- Relax in the comfort of your own home and I will send Reiki to you, a pet, or a loved one. Click heading for further info

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Reiki for everyday: the natural connection to health and wellness. Re-connect with who you were born to be. I work with two legged souls and four, and can bring reiki healing to your home if this makes it more accessible. I am passionate about natural wellness and reconnecting with the body's innate wisdom. Please complete the form, email or telephone to book or with any queries

What is Reiki

Just as a flower knows how to bloom, so our body's have an innate wisdom on how to heal.

Reiki is a gentle natural therapy that works to balance the energy systems within the body. The approach can be used on its own or to complement existing medical treatment. Reiki triggers the body's own innate healing response. It works on all levels the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Reiki energy is life force energy/ Prana or Chi. it is the electromagnetic energy that flows through every living thing. We are energy. Working with this concept was common in civilisations such as ancient Egypt. In modern society however, we have lost touch with our natural world and consequently many of these holistic healing methods. Just as a flower knows how to bloom, so our body's have an deep wisdom on how to heal. Reiki reconnects our cells with that wisdom. It works from the inside out ( on the root cause) - unblocking and balancing our energetic systems to enhance our health and bring about a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality. Reiki clears and balances the chakras, and releases emotional trauma held in the body.

Prior to training in Reiki, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and the symptoms were having a significant impact on my daily life and functioning. Regular healing with Reiki has virtually eliminated many of my symptoms, restored my energy levels and quality of life. Reiki can be a wonderful relaxing, restorative treatment for the elderly and those with chronic illness. 

Having the honour of witnessing the incredible results of energy healing with emotional trauma, dementia, anxiety, depression, and pain has been truly life changing. To watch a client relax and come home to themselves after a session is truly humbling.

What is Reiki


Wow!!! Amazing reiki session with Jane! I received awesome healing on both a physical and emotional level and was left feeling energised and grounded. Simply cannot recommend this lady enough." Philippa Swanston: Distance Reiki Client


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